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Product Development 

Activ Pharmaceuticals has a dedicated in house research and development facility employing experienced formulation chemists. This department will work closely with our client to ensure the commercial success of the finished product.

The service is provided free of charge to existing clients.

We can produce to our client’s own formula, or supply a formula from our large database of products. Alternatively, we can develop a formulation based on our customer’s specifications.

Primary Responsibilities

* Formulating new products

* Conducting preliminary stability trials,

* Producing samples for customer evaluation,

* Producing pilot scale batches for further studies,

* Ensuring the formulation meets customer specifications,

* The finished product complies to the relevant regulatory codes,

* Setting quality specifications for the finished product,

* Developing appropriate manufacturing procedures for the scale up from pilot to commercial batch sizes.

Added Value for the Client

* Often, the Product Development department is called on to improve or modify customer formulations in order to satisfy a marketing need, address a specific product issue or satisfy a regulatory requirement.

* Our R&D section provides added benefits to existing and new customers by keeping them informed of new developments in safer and more efficacious ingredients that can result in significant marketing advantages.

* At Activ Pharmaceuticals we understand that controlling the Cost of Goods is important for the long term commercial viability of the finished product . Our Product Development team can amend existing formulations (and develop new ones) that meet market expectations without compromising the quality, stability or performance of the product.