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Your Assurance of Product Quality


At Activ Pharmaceuticals we have adopted a Total Quality philosophy which embraces a quality approach in all of our operations.

A continuous improvement policy has been introduced and implemented by management. The responsibilities of the Quality Assurance function are met by installing, auditing and maintaining appropriate quality standards for all goods and services.

Our Quality Assurance department is responsible for the administration of the company’s Quality Management System, the essential elements of which includes:

  • On-going program of training in GMP
  • Internal audit of the facility and its Operations
  • The implementation of a Validation Master Plan
  • Quality Control of incoming materials and finished products
  • Documented preventative maintenance system of the facility, its plant and all equipment.
  • Formal review and reconciliation of all manufacturing batch documentation prior to release for supply.

In addition to the above internal controls, the Activ Pharmaceuticals facility is regularly audited by inspection by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), for compliance to the Australian code of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). The company has held its GMP licence for the manufacture of therapeutic goods since 1984 and continues to operate under the stringent requirements of the regulating body.

Therefore, you can be confident that your product has been manufactured and processed under a strict quality control regime.