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Raw materials, packaging components and finished goods are stored in a secure and sterile warehouse accessible only by authorised staff. 

All finished goods are shrink-wrapped in plastic before storage to maintain their clean and sterile condition in which were packed. Flammable goods are stored separately in a secure dedicated container.

Finished product that is released for supply is delivered via the relevant mode of transport to the destination specified by our client. Goods are packed in suitable shippers, stacked neatly on pallets and then shrink-wrapped again to ensure they arrive undamaged at our client's nominated warehouse.


Activ Pharmaceuticals has an excellent record of consistently delivering the product on time. We are mindful of the customer's need to have product available for sale at all times especially those involved with supermarket chains.

We are also mindful of our clients' need to keep inventory at acceptable levels. We are committed to helping them achieve that objective by maintaining strict control of our own starting material inventories. This may reduce lead times for finished goods, as we will not have to wait for the receipt of starting materials to begin manufacturing.

Records of all incoming and outgoing product are available for audit and review by the customer and/or the authorities. These records provide full product traceability and can be produced on demand.

The transport companies chosen to deliver the goods are assessed for reliability, compliance to transport, legislative requirements and quality of service.