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Filling & Packing

Filling operations are conducted in a clean room environment. Regular in-process checks are conducted and recorded during the entire filling process to ensure consistent product quality from the first to the last container of product.

All workers are highly trained and we use dedicated, modern technology during the filling and packing process to ensure product quality is maintained throughout.

Offering fill volumes over a wide range, we have a variety of filling machines to cater for many different formulations, from very thin products to viscous gel and cream products. Our modern, up-to-date filling lines ensure accurate filling and consistency all the way through.

We can manufacture the product for you, or you can supply your own bulk product for us to fill.

Filling Capabilities

  • Bottles:Glass, Metal, Plastic
  • Jars:Glass, Metal, Plastic
  • Tubes:Plastic, Laminated Aluminium
  • Hot and Cold Filling

Stand out From your competitors with superior packaging

Activ provides high quality contract manufacturing and packaging services that will ensure your product stands out in your market segment.

Our contract packaging and labelling options cater for:

- Round, oval or square bottles of a wide range of diameters and lengths

- Jars of all sizes

- Tubes of many different diameters and lengths

- Bottles and tube trays

Packaging supplies with high attention to detail and design

Activ's range of modern equipment, together with full quality control systems, allows your product to be filled and packed the same way each time. We also provide individual packing of products including inserts and shrink wrapping of bottle packs and/or carton packs. For low volume requirements or complex packaging, Activ is also happy to offer hand packaging.

As your manufacturing partner, your success is our success. Talk to us about any other packaging supplies or requirements you may have for your product.