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What We Provide

Flexibility – We provide our clients with a variety of services and options. Our equipment, processes and flexible workforce help us to meet and exceed our client expectations.

Fast Service – Activ Pharmaceuticals is committed to fulfilling client orders promptly and efficiently. Our team is focused on avoiding any out of stock situations. For established products (provided starting materials are available), finished goods may be supplied within four weeks or even less if necessary.

Customer Support – The Company is renowned for its impressive customer service. Staff are readily available and qualified to answer your inquiries, whether technical or related to supply. We respond promptly to all queries raised and have the expertise and resources to assist our clients with regulatory and/or commercial matters.

Consistently High Quality Product –All starting materials are tested and all processes strictly controlled. Manufacturing and filling operations are under the close supervision of highly trained and experienced supervisors to ensure the product complies to agreed specifications. Additionally, the finished product is subjected to stringent Quality Assurance procedures so you, the customer and the consumer can be confident in receiving a product that is ‘fit for purpose’.

GMP Licensed – The Company is licensed for the manufacture of medicinal products. The vast majority of contract products manufactured at Activ Pharmaceuticals are either Listed or Registered therapeutics. The company has held its GMP licence for 28 years.

Cost Effective– Being a medium sized organisation has significant benefits for our customer. Whilst we operate at a very high standard to satisfy the requirements of the code of Good Manufacturing Practice, we do not have the overheads generally associated with larger organisations, hence we can provide a cost effective service to our clients.